What’s Happening at the Village: Pancakes & Pajamas with Santa!

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Get into the spirit of Christmas in more ways than one! Join us for holiday fun at Pancakes and Pajamas with Santa in the Highland Village Plaza on Saturday, December 13th from 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. and enjoy pancakes, cookie decorating, festive snow, and of course, Santa Claus himself! All proceeds benefit Friends of Children Hospital, so you’ll not only be having a merry time, but making others merry!

$25 admits one adult and one child (pancakes for the little ones only). Purchase tickets at Nursery Rhymes or the Highland Village office now. Tickets are limited, so don’t miss out on this magical experience! Call 601-982-5861 for more information.

Hot Pick: Nicole Paris Boots

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Cooler temperatures, falling leaves, football season and the smell of pumpkin. You know what that means – boot season, of course!
The Paris boot by Nicole is the perfect blend of edgy and comfort. A hidden wedge adds comfort and a back zipper makes for an easy on and off. Visit Cook & Love Shoes in Suite 159 for a variety of colors. Now get to stepping, it’s boot season!

What’s Happening at the Village: Calling All Moms!

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Calling all moms, moms-to-be and fans of moms! Get out to Mom’s Morning Out here at Highland Village’s Pure Barre on October 14th at 9:40 a.m. Social time will be in full force before and after the 9:40 class, so join us in Suite 235-A for coffee, juice, yummy treats and a chance to win a pair of Pure Barre grippy socks! Getting in shape is more fun with friends, so we will see you then!

Beagle Bagel Supper On the Go + $1 Bonus!

Photo Sep 09-1By Laurel Donahoo

Beagle Bagel always hits the spot for me. Particularly their famous chicken salad! It was a weekday and it was starting to get a little bit late. My husband was out of town so I knew I was flying solo on supper. And I was HUNGRY.

I stopped into this fun little Highland Village eatery with chicken salad on the brain. But I didn’t want to get my regular chicken salad sandwich on a whole wheat bagel. I was in adventure mode. So I allowed my eye to wander over a little bit to a section of their menu I’ve never really paid attention to before: PANINIS.

Right there at the bottom was a Chicken Salad Panini. Hmmm… That could be delicious… It comes on that yummy panini bread with roma tomatoes, provolone cheese, and pesto mayo. SOLD to the woman whose stomach keeps audibly growling for everyone to hear!

The helpful girl behind the counter fixed me right up. “You can pick any Zapp’s chips you want to go with your panini. Anything else I can get you?”

That’s when I saw the sign… Cinnamon rolls are ONE DOLLAR after 3 p.m. Now who can resist a cinnamon roll? Not me! So I tacked one on to my order. What the hay.

When I sat down to dive into my chicken salad panini, I was greeted with a uniquely wonderful combination of flavors! The slightly-sweet-because-of-the-grapes chicken salad melded perfectly with the super savory provolone and pesto mayo. The tomatoes added a lovely freshness to the mix, and of course the bread was to die for. And it was all heated to just the perfect panini temperature! Those Zapp’s chips on the side weren’t too bad either!

After I downed my sammy, it was time to at least sample that one dollar cinnamon roll. Just a little bite. Ok just one more little bite. I’m going to save this for breakfast in the morning, I swear. Aaaaand one more bite… And before I knew it, I’d eaten half of the cinnamon roll. It was SO GOOD. It was definitely homemade. I didn’t even have to ask. And the sugar they used in it was the big, thick kind of sugar. There was nothing little about this cinnamon roll except for the little bit that I left myself for the next morning’s breakfast…. Oops!

After the take-down I single-handedly performed on all of that food, I knew Pure Barre just up the steps from Beagle Bagel would be calling my name bright and early that next morning… But boy was the splurge worth it! Thank you, Pure Barre instructor Dana Fisher for completely kicking my butt that next day!

If you’re a chicken salad fan looking to switch things up, or a cinnamon roll fan at all (or both!), then I certainly recommend a trip to Highland Village’s Beagle Bagel at the next possible opportunity! You won’t be sorry. But if you sort of are sorry, then there’s always Pure Barre nearby!

Game Day Patchwork at Nursery Rhymes


If you’ve been looking for the perfect thing in which to outfit your tot this football season, look no further than Nursery Rhymes, located right by Beagle Bagel in Highland Village!

Nursery Rhymes now has a fabulous assortment of game day patchwork for the big three Mississippi universities! Since these patchwork masterpieces are made locally by a very talented Jacksonian, they can even have custom pieces done, say, for local schools like high schools!

Emily Feathers, one of the owners of Nursery Rhymes, says, “It is truly an art form to be able to pick out and put together the fabrics the way that [this artist] does. And she has the cleanest work I have ever seen!”

We agree that these pieces are so well made and so unique that they could be passed down as heirlooms from sibling to sibling, as well as from generation to generation! These make us want to yell Hail State, Hotty Toddy, and SMTTT all at the same time! Hooray for football and being well-dressed!

What’s Happening at The Village: Hilton Hollis Trunk Show

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Tomorrow and Saturday, join Maison Weiss for a trunk show featuring NYC-based designer Hilton Hollis’ fall line. This NYC-based, Mississippi-native has cooked up an amazing 2014 Fall/ Winter collection inspired by Scotland. Promise you one thing – You’re sure to love it.

Also, August is almost over! Only 9 shopping days left to take advantage of our outerwear sale. If you haven’t shopped it yet, stop by this week or next to save 10% on your winter warmth.

Shop Whole Foods Tuesday, August 19th!

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Whole Cities Foundation is the newest member of the Whole Foods Market family of foundations. This new non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting efforts that bring fresh, nutritious food and broader access to healthy eating education to underserved communities. By building collaborative partnerships with community organizations that are poised to make significant impact in their neighborhoods, Whole Cities Foundation aims to help improve individual and overall community health and wellness in the U.S.

“Providing fresh, healthy food has been a driving force for Whole Foods Market for 35 years, and as we’ve continued to expand, it’s become increasingly clear that there is a real and immediate need for more healthy choices and educational resources in underserved communities,” said Walter Robb, Whole Foods Market co-CEO and Whole Cities Foundation board chairman. “We founded Whole Cities Foundation to create solutions together with like-minded local partner organizations that will have a meaningful and lasting impact on health and wellness in the communities we serve.”

The Foundation is an expression of the company’s core values —serve and support local and global communities and promote the health of stakeholders through healthy eating education— in action and will complement the work of Whole Foods Market‘s individual store teams by providing additional resources for team members, customers, partner organizations and communities.

On Tuesday, August 19th, 5% of Whole Foods Market Jackson proceeds will go to the Whole Cities Foundation and to local Jackson charities. Plan to grocery shop or grab lunch on August 19th to support your community!

Hot Pick: Trina Turk Activewear

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 8.27.04 AMTake it from us, working out is much, much more fun if you do it in effortless style. Embrace your wild side with Trina Turk Activewear, now available at Maison Weiss (Suite 109).

Bold, lively prints and colors make any work out fun. Trina Turk has long been known for easy, effortless California style with a colorful aesthetic that melds the best of classic American design with a California confidence. Now, Trina Turk takes style to the streets, gym or Pure Barre, wherever you choose to sweat!

Hot Pick: Old Gringo Boots

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 11.14.47 AMIt may be hard to believe it, but Fall really is just around the corner. And, you know what that means, now is the time to snatch up a pair of Fall boots. One of our current favorites is Old Gringo Boots, available at DSquared (Suite 151).

For the past 14 years, Ernie Tarut (“The Old Gringo”) has been handcrafting leather boots. A collaboration with Yan Ferry resulted in the perfect way to showcase Ernie’s 30 years of leather manufacturing experience and Yan’s 30 years of European design and bootmaking mastery.

This passion is what pushes the traditional western envelope with artisan handcrafted boots that melds vintage charm with contemporary styles.

100% of OId Gringo boots are HANDCRAFTED in the Old Gringo factory in Leon, Mexico.

Coolsculpting at Mon Ami

Welcome__Luxurious_Spa__Non-Surgical_Cosmetic_Treatment__The_Botox_Docs__Mon_Ami_Spa_and_Laser_Center__Jackson__MSWe recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Valerie Nance, Aesthetician at Mon Ami spa located just off the courtyard in Highland Village, to chat about a very cool procedure they offer there called CoolSculpting!

We knew from following Mon Ami that CoolSculpting was ideal for men and women who are within about 15 or 20 pounds of their ideal weight, but are having trouble with a couple of stubborn areas. Valerie was kind enough to answer a few of the other questions we had.

Tell us about Coolsculpting for people who know absolutely nothing about it.
First, we would let the client know that the procedure is FDA approved for the reduction of the fat layer. It is very safe, and lots of people have done it. It’s been approved for six years and we have been doing it here for almost two years now. It’s truly sculpting. It’s not for people who are overweight, but is ideal for people who have exercise resistant or stubborn bulges. Out of the areas we treat, it can permanently destroy 25% of the fat cells in those areas. It takes about three months to see the full effect which is probably the only real down side of the procedure, but it’s non-invasive and you can go right on with your exercise routine and normal activities! There is a little numbness and redness that persists after the treatment. The redness doesn’t last as long, but the numbness can last several weeks.

So it’s just one treatment and three months later you see the results? Or is it a series of treatments over the three months?
No, with just one treatment you can see the results three months later. Now some people do need a repeated treatment in an area because they want more than a 25% reduction.

So one treatment can build on another?
It can! It won’t take 50% of what you originally started with! But it will take about 25% of what you have remaining each time. There is a firm suction that draws the tissue into a cup shaped device. And the device stays on your body for an hour in each area. Some people think it’s a little uncomfortable, but after about 10 minutes into the procedure, that discomfort subsides. There can be some bruising, so if you have a tendency to bruise easily, you might have a little more. There can be some inflammation that can last about two weeks as well.

Do people specify areas they want done or do you do the whole body?
It’s approved for the stomach area, flank areas (or love handles), bra fat area, and inner thigh. We also have a new piece that treats the outer thigh area. If a physician decides to, he or she can opt to treat arms as well.

What do most people come in wanting to get worked on?
It’s usually the tummy. I think it’s because that’s what you see the most. We see a lot of women who have had babies and no matter what they do, they have that area that just won’t respond. Now the second would be muffin top area because you see that when you put on your jeans.

What is the age range of people who get this done?
It’s safe for almost anyone who still has some elasticity in their skin. It’s not as successful if you have a lot of loose skin. You would have to be at least 18 years old (younger if you have parental consent) or anywhere up to around 65. Most of the people we treat are in that mid range, right around and after child birth… 30’s, 40’s… That’s probably our ideal candidate. And this is not only for women! We treat plenty of men as well.

We sure are intrigued! Find out more at www.monamispa.com and feel free to give their friendly staff a call if you have any further questions!